Greatest Hits Tour 2013 on sale NOW!
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My boyfriend is taking me to see 5ive for my birthday. Oh my fucking god is this a dream? He was going to keep it a secret but couldn’t. And he is even going to come, seriously best birthday. 21st is going to rule. 5IVE I am fucking seeing my childhood favourite boy band. If yaaaa gettin down babbbyyyy !

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Selling 5ive greatest hits tour ticket


I selling one (1) ticket to 5ive’s greatest hits tour at the Enmore Theatre Sydney on the 1st of November 2013.
It’s an 18+ dancefloor section ticket as they say best spot in the house, unfortunately I can’t make the show due to family holidays and want to see the ticket go to good use.
I even lowered the ticket price from what you would of paid, it’s also a physical ticket I picked up from the ticketek box office.